Turn messy project interactions into organized insights

Tato is the AI-powered consultant that processes any amount of meetings, chats, and more to help you make the right decisions

Supercharge your project team with AI

Automated Documentation

Interactions are recorded and shared wherever Tato is invited to participate.

Project Mapping

Insights are mapped against your most valuable topics and project structure.

Live Chat

Project, topic or process questions can be answered instantly via chat.

Proactive alerts

Important information is sent directly into your existing workflow.

Discover our unique project mapping process

Why Tato?


Consider all insights

Tato can process infinitely more project interactions than humans. It can simultaneously listen to calls, read chats and document all insights so you don’t miss anything.


Stay organized

Tato organizes insights according to your project structure. It allows you to zoom in and out of your project for better decision making.


Get quick answers

Tato knows your project very well. Browse predefined topics or ask precise questions via chat to get instant answers on what matters.

Our Integrations

Connects with your everyday tools

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